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God’s Pocket

  1. chat room
    Mad Men’s John Slattery on Mad Men’s Final Days“We’re all kind of standing here scratching our heads wondering how it’s going to end.”
  2. interview
    Christina Hendricks on God’s Pocket and Mad MenOn working with Hoffman: “When you admire someone that much, you really savor every second.”
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: God’s PocketIn one of his last roles, Philip Seymour Hoffman is heartbreakingly good.
  4. See Philip Seymour Hoffman in John Slattery’s God’s PocketHe leads the Mad Men star’s directorial debut.
  5. sundance 2014
    Three Films for Sale in Three Days: The Tell-All Diary of a Sundance ProducerProducer Galt Niederhoffer came with very different films, with very different expectations, not all of them good.
  6. sundance 2014
    Slattery, Hoffman, and Hendricks on God’s PocketHoffman: “I had a rare enjoyable experience.”
  7. sundance 2014
    15 of This Year’s Most Intriguing Sundance FilmsIncluding entries that star Anne Hathaway, Bill Hader, Ryan Reynolds, and Kristen Stewart.
  8. future favorite films
    John Slattery Will Direct Philip Seymour HoffmanRichard Jenkins and John Turturro, too.