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Going Clear

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    How Alex Gibney Is Reinventing Documentary FilmmakingCan you revolutionize a genre through sheer work ethic?
  2. oscars 2016
    Amy, Going Clear Make Oscars Feature-Documentary Short ListSo did The Hunting Ground and He Named Me Malala.
  3. amas
    The Best Answers From Alex Gibney’s Reddit AMAFear not: The filmmaker definitely wants to keep hammering away at Scientology.
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    Alex Gibney: Tom Cruise Should Talk Scientology“We might as well be working for Tom Cruise.”
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    21 Insane Scientology Stories That Going Clear Left OutWhat happened to Katie Holmes?
  6. chat room
    Alex Gibney on His Scientology Doc, Going ClearAnd why more people need to speak out against the church.
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    The Most Miraculous Things Scientology Has DoneFrom curing dyslexia to solving drug addiction.
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    HBO’s Scientology Exposé Going Clear Is Jaw-DroppingGoing Clear is spectacular stuff.
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    Scientology Documentary Going Clear Gets Its First Brutal Trailer“They sell it all in the beginning as something quite logical.”