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  1. treasure!
    Treasure Hunters Doc Will Adapt a New York Mag Piece That Was Pure GoldAnd they’re calling all treasure seekers.
  2. lawsuits
    The Founder Distributor Sues Weinstein Co. Over GoldThe biopics were released within seven days of each other.
  3. animals
    Matthew McConaughey Touched a Tiger and Told Vulture All About It“They know I like to get off to that kind of buzz.”
  4. Watch Matthew McConaughey Get Rich in the New Gold TrailerThe flashy drama arrives this Christmas.
  5. movies
    Could Matthew McConaughey’s Gold Be This Winter’s Biggest Surprise?We’ve got the exclusive poster, as well as some inside scoops on McConaughey’s massive weight gain.
  6. casting couch
    Daniel Radcliffe to Play an Olympic RunnerThat stamina spell totally worked.
  7. directorial chairs
    Spike Lee Attached to Nineties Gold-Mining MovieGold was formerly a Michael Mann joint.
  8. the industry
    Michael Mann and Paul Haggis Unite to Make Movie About Popular MetalIt’s a thriller, with Mann possibly directing.