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Golden Globes 2022

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    The Golden Globes Gave Us a Show After AllThe zombie-Globes still managed to maintain an essential Globes-iness: the sense that everything was five seconds from going completely off the rails.
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    Here Are the Winners of the No-Audience, No-Broadcast Golden GlobesAll the winners you didn’t get to see.
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    If No One Is Around to Watch the Golden Globes, Do They Matter?With no telecast (or even a livestream!) this year, will the Globes have any impact on the Oscars? We can take an educated guess, with some precedent.
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    Which Golden Globe Nominees Acknowledged Their Existence?We found at least 12 actors willing to publicly thank the scandal-plagued awards body.
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    Chastened Golden Globes Deliver Shockingly Good Set of NominationsAfter losing their NBC telecast to scandal, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was on their best behavior.
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    The Golden Globe Nominations Are Here, Despite All the MessPower of the Dog, Belfast, and Lady Gaga are among the 2022 nominees.
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    NBC Won’t Broadcast the Golden Globes in 2022And Tom Cruise has reportedly sent his three trophies back.