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  1. goldfrapp
    Listen to a New Song From Goldfrapp, ‘Melancholy Sky’Alison Goldfrapp: still the best.
  2. goldfrapp
    Watch a Nostalgia-Tinged Video for Goldfrapp’s ‘Yellow Halo’Admit it: You want Alison Goldfrapp’s life.
  3. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts: From Trey Songz to the CurePlus: The Pretty Reckless, Goldfrapp, and Snoop Dogg.
  4. clickables
    Hear a New Goldfrapp Song, ‘We Radiate’It’s synth-y, glittery, Goldfrapp-y.
  5. music
    Goldfrapp Does Eighties Vampire Aerobics in the ‘Alive’ VideoExcellent workout.
  6. chat room
    Alison Goldfrapp on Goldfrapp’s New AlbumThe musician talks about shedding her signature dreaminess, the moment she knows a song works, and writing songs for a pop diva.
  7. music
    Hear Another New Goldfrapp Song, ‘Dreaming’The synthy, gauzy track is the latest in a stream off ‘Head First.’
  8. music
    Goldfrapp Gits ‘Er Done in the ‘Rocket’ Music VideoSexy truckers are doin’ it for themselves.
  9. music
    Listen to Goldfrapp’s New Song, ‘Alive’It’s a twinkly, zig-zaggy, eighties-style track.
  10. music
    Download the Newest Goldfrapp Leak, ‘Believer’
  11. music
    Listen & Download: New Goldfrapp Track, ‘Rocket’
  12. last night’s gig
    Goldfrapp Sleepily Schizo at Radio CityAt times the frizzy-haired diva, slouching in a human-maypole frock, sipping white wine, a harlequin collage swirling on the giant screen behind her, seemed to be hosting an after-after-after-party.
  13. right-click
    A Seven-Nation Army Could Probably Hold Kate Nash BackPlus: Goldfrapp!
  14. right-click
    Akon Unleashes His Inner Jacko — Musically This TimePlus: New Goldfrapp!