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  1. friday night movie club
    In The Ring, the House Haunts YouBefore you die, you see The Ring … by joining us this October 2 for a live tweet as part of Vulture’s Friday Night Movie Club.
  2. behind the scenes
    How A Cure for Wellness Pulled Off Its Creepiest ScenesDirector Gore Verbinski and star Dane DeHaan tell the stories behind the new horror movie’s scariest bits.
  3. marketing gimmicks
    A Cure for Wellness Used Fake-News Websites in Marketing CampaignThe movie partnered with fake-news publishers for a viral campaign.
  4. trailer mix
    A Cure for Wellness Super Bowl Spot Tricks You and Then Scares YouMaybe don’t take the cure.
  5. trailer mix
    See Verbinski’s New A Cure for Wellness TrailerYou just know that Full-Body Eel Treatment ain’t cheap.
  6. casualties of cyberwar
    The Story Behind Steve Carell’s North Korea FilmOne of the worst casualties of Interview-gate.
  7. sony hack
    Steve Carell’s North Korea–Set Dark Comedy AxedNew Regency kissed the project good-bye because of what has happened at Sony.
  8. movie review
    Movie Review: The Lone RangerThis comic Western plays like Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee reconceived as a Disney theme-park ride.
  9. new projects
    Gore Verbinski to Direct Adaptation of the Graphic Novel PyongyangIt tells the story of a French-Canadian animator who moves to North Korea.
  10. trailer park
    Watch Depp and Hammer in the Lone Ranger Trailer“Depp and Hammer” is the coolest sounding law-firm name ever.
  11. casting couch
    Ryan Gosling May Play the Lone Ranger to Johnny Depp’s TontoGore Verbinski is directing.
  12. chat room
    Rango Director Gore Verbinski on Why He Bucked the 3-D Trend“It was like, ‘End of discussion. I’m not doing that to this movie.’”
  13. movie review
    Review: Look Out, Buzz Lightyear, Here Comes RangoWith ILM and Gore Verbinski’s thrillingly goofy, unabashedly strange, Johnny Depp–voiced Western odyssey, there’s a new animation powerhouse in Toon Town.
  14. trailer mix
    Rango Trailer: Johnny Depp, Literal ChameleonIt’s an animated Western from Gore Verbinski.
  15. the industry
    Gore Verbinksi In Talks To Reteam With Johnny DeppPlus: MTV moving ahead with ‘Inbetweeners’ adapataion.
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jude Law, Ashley GreenePlus: Gore Verbinski negotiating to direct ‘Walter Mitty.’
  17. trailer mix
    Rango Trailer; or, the Animated Sequel to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas You Didn’t Know You WantedA lizard in a Hawaiian shirt walks into the desert.
  18. trailer mix
    First Look at Verbinski and Depp’s Rango is Brief, Mysterious’Pirates’ duo gives us little to work with.
  19. the industry
    Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson to Join the Circus?Plus: Rob Marshall! Steven Spielberg! Danny Boyle!
  20. the industry
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Fight CensorshipPlus: ‘Videodrome’ gets a remake.
  21. the industry
    Gore Verbinski Tired of PiracyPlus: Jackie Chan to make action movie.
  22. the industry
    Matt Damon to Possibly Fall in Love With RobotPlus: Yogi Bear’s back.
  23. the industry
    Chevy Chase Becomes Latest Beneficiary of Stunt-Casting EpidemicPlus: Don Cheadle can’t get the Coen Brothers to return his calls, but NBC certainly will.
  24. the industry
    Tracy Morgan Is a Nigerian Prince and He Needs Your HelpPlus: Oprah now a little more powerful.
  25. the industry
    Next Johnny Depp–Gore Verbinski Collaboration to Be Even More Cartoonish Than ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’Plus: An untitled futuristic movie!
  26. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Basically ‘Torture: The Movie’Plus: Alexander Payne’s next movie, and the big names behind ‘Bioshock.’
  27. the industry
    David Fincher Sucked Into a ‘Black Hole’It’s graphic-novel day in Hollywood. Plus: Backward theater news!
  28. quote machine
    What Are Rosie and Elisabeth So Angry About? (Hint: It’s Not Their Hairstyles!)