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Gotta Catch Em All

  1. gotta catch em all
    Sarah Natochenny Understands the Importance of Ash KetchumThe Pokémon voice actress felt Ash’s journey coming to an end ahead of recording the character’s final good-bye.
  2. gotta catch em all
    Which Pokémon Game (or Show, or Book) Is Right for You?Pokémon FOMO is real.
  3. gotta catch ‘em all
    Richard Curtis Has a Davos Pokémon Go CampaignPokémon, and the world’s problems, are actually all around.
  4. gotta catch ‘em all
    Celebrities Are Pokémon in Maroon 5’s New VideoYou’d think Vince Vaughn would be easier to chase …
  5. gotta catch ‘em all
    Guardians of the Galaxy Writer Joins Pokémon PicSo … will a mini Pikachu dance?
  6. gotta watch ‘em all
    11 Significant Pokémon Episodes on Netflix The very best, like no show ever was.
  7. gotta catch ‘em all
    Yes, That’s Trevor Noah Setting Pokémon Lures in Riverside Park“You know there’s a Scyther right over there.”
  8. gotta catch ‘em all
    Netflix Picks Up Jonah Hill–Emma Stone ComedyManiac will have a ten-episode first season.