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Government Shutdown

  1. politics
    Cardi B Graciously Accepts Your Suggestion She Give State of the Union Rebuttal“Why not,” indeed.
  2. politics
    Cardi B Has Shutdown Beef With Tomi Lahren, of All People: ‘I Will Dog Walk You’The Fox Nation host mocked Cardi as “the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats.”
  3. last night on late night
    The Revolution Will Begin at Newark AirportGive us liberty or give us the TSA.
  4. astute observations
    Cardi B Has Some Very Pointed Opinions About the Government Shutdown“Our country is in a hellhole right now.”
  5. wedding of the century
    Watch Stephen Colbert Save a Government Shutdown WeddingBy marrying the couple himself!
  6. nice things
    A Consolation Prize for the Furloughed: Movie Popcorn From AMCYou don’t even have to buy a ticket.