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Graham Norton Show

  1. last night on late night
    Justin Timberlake Fondly Recalls Time When Boomers Pelted Him With Urine Bottles“It wasn’t always good times for me, you guys.”
  2. last night on late night
    Chris Martin Broke His Restraining Order to See Hugh Grant Again“I sent him fan mail as a 40-year-old man.”
  3. last night on late night
    Finally, Some Details About Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s V-V-VIP Oscars PartyIt was indeed in a parking lot.
  4. last night on late night
    Tom Hanks Has Been Waiting Months to Tell Graham Norton This StoryHe’s picked a favorite in the late-night wars.
  5. last night on late night
    Were You the Fan Who Made Kit Harington Cry at the Airport?Apologize now!
  6. last night on late night
    This Video of Keira Knightly Playing Her Teeth Is More Endearing Than DisturbingTime for a jam session.
  7. last night on late night
    Sandra Bullock Sure Has a Weird Way of Telling Actors They Got the RoleAs fondly remembered by Harry Connick Jr.
  8. last night on late night
    Why Westworld’s Thandie Newton Refused to Wear the Show’s Merkins“I didn’t want to spend time doing that.”
  9. beefin’
    Ewan McGregor, D. Boyle Didn’t Speak for YearsGasp!
  10. roll clip!
    Fassbender and McAvoy Make Living Sexy Fan ArtIf only the X-Men movies had more tandem bike rides through Paris …
  11. last night on late night
    Jennifer Lawrence Goofed Out Over Star WarsAlso, James McAvoy fought J. Law, and J. Law did not win.
  12. That Time a 10-Year-Old Tina Fey Tried on Her First Bra at J.C. Penney“No, Mommy, no!”
  13. roll clip!
    Chris Hemsworth Tried to Go Incognito at a Prison, Failed Miserably“Come spend some time in my cell, baby!”
  14. candy
    Tom Hiddleston Does His Robert De Niro Impression for Robert De Niro“May I call you Bob?”
  15. covers
    Seth MacFarlane Does Cyndi Lauper Hits As Stewie“True Colors” and “Time After Time.”
  16. friends forever
    Matt LeBlanc Still Remembers the Words to the Hand-Twin Song From FriendsAnd the one from Freud! the musical.
  17. mr. 50 shades of grey
    Jamie Dornan Has His Abs and Eats Them Too“How do you taste?”
  18. hot women
    Meryl Streep Was ‘Not Beautiful Enough’ for King KongIt wasn’t always easy being La Streep.
  19. movies
    See Eddie Redmayne Relive His Horrible Hobbit AuditionIt really is the worst.
  20. non-reunions
    Jennifer Aniston Would Do a Friends Reunion When the Cast Is Super OldDon’t hold your breath.