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Grand Theft Auto

  1. hacks
    Everything We Know About the Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 6 LeakA hacker claims to have the source code for what is perhaps the most anticipated game in history.
  2. exclusive
    Eminem Returns to Hollywood to Commit Random Acts of ViolenceHe intends to star in a new crime thriller at 20th Century Fox called ‘Random Acts of Violence.’
  3. tv
    Watch Gamers Drive a Real Car Like a Video-Game CarIt’s real-life Grand Theft Auto, but extremely slow and incredibly difficult.
  4. trailer mix
    GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Trailer Could Maybe Use More Ballads, Gay TonyDisappointingly, the star of the game is actually the not-gay, drug-dealing Luis Fernando Lopez, bodyguard of the nightclub-owning title character.
  5. video games
    Marriage Equality Coming to Liberty City?The title of the new Grand Theft Auto game: GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  6. impending disasters
    World Economy Threatened As Video-game Industry Craters, Niko Bellic to BlameStart stocking up on water, canned food, and extra batteries for your Xbox 360 controllers.
  7. video games
    Red Dead Redemption Trailer: Grand Theft Auto Goes WestThe company behind GTA has just unveiled the trailer for Red Dead Redemption, its latest console-based murder simulator, this one set in the violent Wild West.
  8. video games
    New Grand Theft Auto Installment Will Save Our Crappy Economy1.6 billion Microsoft points is nothing to sneeze at, folks.
  9. chat room
    Uwe Boll Explains Why He’s the Perfect Director to Make a Grand Theft Auto MovieThe acclaimed auteur speaks to Vulture about his new film, Michael Bay, and stuffing Verne Troyer in a suitcase.
  10. news reel
    Tom Sachs: Grand Theft Auto ‘The Most Important Artwork of Our Time’“I don’t understand why that’s not in the Museum of Modern Art,” says Sachs.
  11. chat room
    Grand Theft Auto IV’s Art Director Aaron Garbut on Copycat Games and the Public Bathrooms of Liberty CityGarbut talks to Vulture about recreating New York, pixel by pixel.
  12. countdown
    Can Rave Reviews for ‘Iron Man’ Make GTA Fans Leave the House This Weekend?’Iron Man’ is the best-reviewed movie of 2008 — but will Grand Theft Auto fans put on pants and drive to movie theaters?
  13. countdown
    Grand Theft Auto vs. ‘Iron Man’: Which One Is Stabbier?As everyone knows, the true measure of success for any entertainment product is the number of people who are knifed in line while waiting to pay money for it.
  14. vulture lists
    10 Video Games That Should Be MoviesHow will Hollywood win us back after the writers strike? They’ll have to make movies based on video games. And not just the crappy kind they’ve been pumping out for the past decade — good ones!