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Great Debates

  1. Queer Eye on Queer Eye: The Case For and Against Antoni PorowskiMatt Rogers and Bowen Yang weigh in on the single issue threatening to destroy the queer community.
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    Die Hard Screenwriter Mercifully Ends the Christmas-Movie DebateIf you’re still arguing about this, Steven E. de Souza has the answer.
  3. Are You Team Reese or Team Nicole for the Emmys?Pull on a chunky knit and get your throwing wine, because we’re picking sides.
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    What the Debate Around Black American and British Actors Gets WrongIf black American stories are seen as vital, why aren’t black American actors viewed as their ideal storytellers?
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    Iron Fist’s Finn Jones Quits Twitter After Debate Over Race“Our show incorporates and celebrates actors from all different backgrounds.”
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson on Star Trek vs. Star WarsThe great debate rages on.
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    Colbert Nerds Out With deGrasse Tyson Over PlutoNever mind Pluto.
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    Should Girls’ Hannah and Adam Break Up?A debate!
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    The New Girl Debate: Is the Jess–Nick Romance Good or Bad?Kissing: One editor is in favor of it, another is not.
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    Does Natalie Portman’s Beauty Eclipse Her Talent As an Actress?That’s the case that Slate’s Dana Stevens posits in her review of ‘Brothers.’