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  1. Does Leave No Trace Give Us Our First Look at the Real Ben Foster?Foster isn’t anonymous or overlooked, necessarily. But Leave No Trace feels like a major moment for him.
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    The Radical Self-Sufficiency of Mia WasikowskaWasikowska’s dedicated opposition to reductive or sanitized portraits of imperfect women, apparent in Damsel, has been a career constant.
  3. Every Al Pacino Performance, RankedWe ranked every Al Pacino performance, from Scarface to Scent of a Woman.
  4. Can Melissa Leo Scream Her Way To Another Oscar?This year, the actress became one of cinema’s most terrifying nuns — and in the process, tapped into our current moment of “beautiful female rage.”
  5. Michelle Pfeiffer Is the MVP of Mother!Anytime she’s onscreen, the film becomes electric.
  6. In Praise of Edie Falco in Louis C.K.’s New MovieFalco is fantastic as C.K.’s hilariously beleaguered production manager in I Love You, Daddy.
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    Oprah Winfrey Is Phenomenal in The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksShe is still capable of surprising us.
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    Did You Know That Kong: Skull Island Is Secretly a John C. Reilly Movie?Playing a crazed castaway from World War II, the actor steals the film.
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    Sting Reopens Bataclan One Year After Paris Attacks“We will not forget them.”
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    John C. Reilly Is Giving One of the Best Performances in TV Comedy TodayCheck it out!
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    Channing Tatum on Meeting Beyoncé on LSBShe’s his “Keyser Söze.”
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    How Great Was Amy Poehler in Inside Out?“Joy’s journey and Poehler’s acting allow us to realize something else. We’re watching Riley grow up, to be sure — this is a coming-of-age tale par excellence — but we’re also watching Joy grow up.”