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    Greenleaf Star Keith David on The Thing, Road House, and 40 Years of Acting“The cemetery is filled with people who let other people define who they are, both in the entertainment business and beyond.”
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    Lawsuit Claims Oprah Stole the Idea for GreenleafBeing sued might her most presidential move yet.
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    Greenleaf Season Finale Recap: A Moment of Silence“What Are You Doing Here?” ends with a lit fuse instead of a bang.
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    Lynn Whitfield on Her Greenleaf Scene With Oprah“The work we do together is in the last episode, and I think Twitter will be just all a-tweeting.”
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    Greenleaf Recap: Rome Is BurningThe downside of soapy dramas like Greenleaf? They can be too predictable.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Taking RootLady Mae knows how to hold a grudge.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Who Are You?“March to the Sea” slows down the pace to establish more family secrets.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Bishop’s Got a GunGreenleaf is on the verge of becoming a runaway train.
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    Greenleaf Recap: The Whole BookLet’s hope Greenleaf knows what it has in Keith David and Lynn Whitfield.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Last Train HomeAfter a few stumbling weeks, Greenleaf regains its footing.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Only TurmoilIt was only a matter of time until Grace made it to the pulpit.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Praise ReportsLynn Whitfield makes Greenleaf crackle with energy.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Black and BlueMore Lady Mae, please!
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    Greenleaf Recap: Water to WineLynn Whitfield steals every scene she’s in.
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    Greenleaf Recap: Welcome to the Family of GodIt’s already clear: This show will be a great summer soap.
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    Greenleaf Series Premiere Recap: The Prodigal DaughterThank you, Oprah! Greenleaf is going to be a big, soapy mess.
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    OWN’s Greenleaf Is at Its Best When It Focuses on SpiritualityIts missteps are a small price to pay for a show that tells a story we haven’t seen on TV before.