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Greta Lee

  1. trailer mix
    Hot Childhood Sweetheart Flies 13 Hours to Reconnect. WWYD?Past Lives, Celine Song’s Sundance romance, stars Greta Lee.
  2. the vulture spot
    Greta Lee Couldn’t Touch Teo Yoo While Filming Past LivesCeline Song knows how to build the antici … pation.
  3. film festivities
    Sean Penn’s Ukraine Doc, Superpower, to Premiere at Berlinale 2023This year’s lineup includes Celine Song’s Past Lives (starring Greta Lee) and Matt Johnson’s BlackBerry (the phone).
  4. party report
    Russian Doll’s Greta Lee Visualizes a Maxine Spinoff“A little bit of The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.”
  5. tv development
    HBO Is Finally Developing a Greta Lee Show, a Dark Comedy Called KTownGirls producer Jason Kim is writing the L.A.-based show with Lee.
  6. meta commentary
    Did You Catch the New Girl Jabs on High Maintenance?Revenge is a dish best served meta.
  7. chat room
    High Maintenance’s Greta Lee on Homeless Heidi“It’s not PC to call people crazy, but she cray.”