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Greyson Chance

  1. speaking out
    Greyson Chance Turned Down Final Ellen Appearance Over ‘Manipulative’ BehaviorThe former viral star said the show became a “place of active trauma.”
  2. right-click
    Greyson Chance, the Evolutionary Bieber, Drops His First Single“Waiting Outside the Lines,” everyone.
  3. ellen degeneres
    Ellen DeGeneres to Start Her Own Record LabelFirst artist is ‘Paparazzi’ Boy.
  4. tv
    Greyson Michael Chance, the ‘Paparazzi’ Boy, Performs on EllenMighty quick turnaround on this one, Internet.
  5. music
    Sixth-Grade Boy Performs Stirring Rendition of Lady Gaga to Rapt Female ClassmatesDoes that hairstyle have an official name, or is it just called “the Bieber”?