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  1. timelines
    Los Angeles Premiere Of Warner Bros. "The Flash" - Arrivals
    The Complete History of Ezra Miller’s Controversial CareerFrom kidnapping allegations to an apparently recasted role in Invincible.
  2. allegations
    A Timeline of Allegations Against Cary FukunagaMultiple sources, including Rachelle Vinberg, have accused the No Time to Die director of inappropriate conduct.
  3. the law
    Bob Dylan Sued for Allegedly Sexually Abusing a Minor in 1965His alleged victim was 12 years old at the time and claims she was groomed.
  4. extremely online
    A Guide to Online-Grooming Allegations (and Why Everyone’s Talking About Them)James Charles, Tony Lopez, and Shane Dawson are just a few of the creators accused.
  5. grooming
    Farewell to Stan From Mad Men’s BeardJay R. Ferguson let his children shave it for him.
  6. grooming
    A Close Analysis of Shia LaBeouf’s Evolving Facial HairThere are messages hidden in that beard.
  7. families
    The Time Seth MacFarlane’s Mom Masturbated a DogAnd then told the Family Guy writers room about it.
  8. clickables
    Pick Up Some Grooming Tips From James FrancoShave your face the Franco way.
  9. grooming
    Gossip Girl Bringing Chest Hair BackNo, really.