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  1. gross things
    The Brand New Cherry Flavor Creators Answer All Your Cat-Vomiting Questions“For a show like this, finding the right idea is kind of like defining pornography: You know it when you see it.”
  2. gross things
    Why Is Everyone Projectile Vomiting on TV?In every binge-watch, apparently there must be a purge.
  3. racism
    There Is Video of Justin Bieber Telling a Racist JokeGross.
  4. Here’s a Really Gross Red Band Clip From She’s Out of My LeagueSoon, Hollywood will run out of ways to be disgusting in R-rated comedies. But not yet.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Two-Face Concept Art Confirms ‘Dark Knight’ Will Be No Fun at AllOur commenters complain: “Yeah, good point guys. Why can’t these people make a film about a man trying bring justice to a city in the name of revenge for his slain parents more fun and uplifting?”
  6. art candy
    Artist Stuart Karten Finally Finds a Use For That Excess Skin You Have Lying AroundThese grotesque, wrinkly balls of flesh (they’re made of engineered human tissue) come fully customized — your four-legged creature can be tanned, tattooed, or pierced to your desired specifications.