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  1. improv
    Groundlings Community Calls Out ‘Whitest Improv Institution’ in Open Letter“If you honestly believe that black life matters, prove it by taking the steps to make them matter on your stages.”
  2. ‘SNL,’ the Groundlings, and the Parallel Thinking ExcuseMembers of Los Angeles’ famed Groundlings theater company have made headlines by accusing SNL of lifting their sketch during last weekend’s […]
  3. ‘SNL’ Review: Sarah Silverman’s Racy ReturnSNL shifts into a different gear when a comedian hosts the show. In the early days, comic-hosts like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Steve […]
  4. Let’s Talk About SNL’s Diversity ProblemKenan Thompson has been taking a lot of heat this week for a comment he made in a TV Guide interview about SNL’s lack of a black female cast […]
  5. ‘Wild N Out’s Mikey Day Hired to Write for ‘SNL’LA-based comedian Mikey Day is the latest addition to Saturday Night Live’s writing staff. Day is a member of The Groundlings’ Main Company, a […]
  6. Second City vs. Groundlings vs. UCB: Where Do the Most ‘SNL’ Cast Members […]Throughout Saturday Night Live’s history, the show’s cast has been mostly culled from four places: the stand-up world, L.A.’s Groundlings […]
  7. Just Try It: The Comedy Schools and Programs to Get You Started at Being […]this content series is produced in partnership with smartwater. smartwater, good taste travels well. Click here to learn more. Performing […]
  8. Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer on Their Comedic Marriage of the Minds
  9. Pray For Marbles: Melissa McCarthy Brings Her Characters To SNL Okay, so we can’t say for sure which of her many losers and weirdos will make an appearance during Melissa McCarthy’s SNL hosting gig, but […]