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Guinness Book Of World Records

  1. quarantuning
    This Rapper Just Broke the Record for the World’s Longest FreestyleOver 24 hours in, Watsky’s run has been an absurdist stream of consciousness aided by coffee-table books, a Scrabble dictionary, and fan shoutouts.
  2. impressive things
    Betty White Officially Has the ‘Longest TV Career for an Entertainer’74 years is quite a feat.
  3. guinness book of world records
    Nearly 10,000 Zombies Descended Upon Mexico CityThey want to eat your brains, NBD.
  4. Tallest Donkey on Earth Is Crazy BigThey call her Oklahoma Sam.
  5. plot twists
    Warner Bros. Interested in Guinness Book of World Records FilmThinks it’ll make a good action-adventure flick.
  6. guinness beef of world records
    Jack White’s Guinness Book Quarrel Will Not DieToday marks the Return of the Jedi of this saga.
  7. beef
    Guinness Book Disappointed in Jack WhiteThe weird, unsatisfying face-off continues.
  8. beef
    Jack White Starts Inevitable Guinness Book FeudThe record deciders never acknowledged that one-note White Stripes gig.
  9. the take
    Can Fall Out Boy Make It to Antarctica? An Anxious Nation WaitsWe’re on the edge of our collective seat here today, waiting for news of whether Fall Out Boy will be able to pull off one of the greatest douche-rock stunts of all time.