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  1. hacked
    Adam Sandler’s Twitter Was Hacked, Used to Post Racist TweetsLuckily, his gems remain intact.
  2. hacked
    Mariah Carey’s Twitter Account Hacked, Used to Post Offensive TweetsThe group behind the hack of Jack Dorsey’s account is suspected.
  3. Either Taylor Swift’s Been Hacked or She’s Up to SomethingAll social media accounts are suspiciously blacked out.
  4. Game of Thrones Script Reportedly Among Data Stolen in Major HBO HackEpisodes of Ballers and Room 104 are reportedly among the bounty, too.
  5. hacked
    Sony Confirms Document Leaks As Class-Action Antitrust Suits BoilThey’re having a terrible month.
  6. hacked
    Hackers Hit Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nine More CelebritiesKim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher are among the other famous names hit.