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  1. hair quiz
    Dragon Ball Z’s Spiky-Hair QuizCan you tell Goku for Gohan from Goten?
  2. vulture quiz
    Take the Brad Pitt Movie-Hair QuizCan you tell Thelma & Louise from Babel from Fight Club by just the hair on his face and head?
  3. hair quiz
    Take Vulture’s Nic Cage Hair Quiz and Guess Which Movie Each Do Is FromWould you say this do is more Con Air or The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?
  4. vulture quiz
    Can You Match Tilda Swinton’s Hair to Her Films?Take our Tilda Swinton hair quiz.
  5. hair quiz
    Take the Johnny Depp Movie-Hair QuizCan you tell Cry-Baby from Blow from Alice in Wonderland just by the hair?
  6. vulture quiz
    Take the Tom Hanks Movie-Hair QuizBy just seeing the top of his head, can you tell if it’s his Big, Green Mile, or Catch Me If You Can do?
  7. Take Vulture’s Matt Damon Hair Quiz and Guess What Movie Each Do Is FromShort hair, long hair, nineties middle-parted hair: How well do you know Damon’s dos?