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  1. bachelor nation
    Pop Quiz: Is This Man Colton Underwood or Kevin From The Office?That’s one smooth haircut.
  2. vulture lists
    A Guide to the Best Haircuts in Netflix’s The KingFrom Robert Pattinson’s sun-kissed beach waves to Timothée Chalamet’s blunt bowl cut.
  3. vulture lists
    Brad Pitt’s 12 Best Movie HaircutsIn honor of Pitt’s big year, we revisited three decades of his work to study his hair.
  4. hair
    Stranger Things’ Joe Keery Got BangsEveryone, shut up and look at Joe Keery’s bangs.
  5. identity change
    Post Malone Cuts Hair in Hopes of Evading Whatever Death Curse He’s UnderHe’s also in a new Mark Wahlberg movie?
  6. 6 Pictures of Caesar From Planet of the Apes With a Caesar HaircutThis post features famous computer ape Caesar with the ’90s haircut known as the Caesar. Pretty self-explanatory, really.
  7. haircuts
    Alden Ehrenreich’s Hair Is Ready to Be Han Solo’s HairThe haircut that launched a thousand Millennium Falcons.
  8. haircuts
    Please Look at Ponytail-less Lin-Manuel MirandaIn other news, Lin-Manuel Miranda looks good without a ponytail.
  9. imagine no possessions
    A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Sold for $35KThe 4-inch lock of hair was cut in 1967.
  10. trailer mix
    Jon Snow Got a Haircut for WWI Film Testament of YouthHe still kind of looks mopey though.
  11. release the stars
    Anchorman 2 Is Coming Out EarlyThe film’s release date got moved up two days.
  12. haircuts
    The Bieber Bangs Are BackBut now they flip both ways.
  13. haircuts
    Join Us on This Photo Tour of Tina Fey’s Many HairdosShe had baby bangs on “Weekend Update.” We all remember.
  14. haircuts
    Matisyahu Shaved His BeardThe Orthodox rapper is no longer Orthodox.
  15. bieberpocalypse
    Bieber Hairstyle Sweeping The Nation, Says TimesBoys spending up to $175 to replicate the star’s look.