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Halle Bailey

  1. rancid behavior
    Melissa McCarthy Says a ‘Hostile’ Set Made Her ‘Physically Ill’From bad behavior, not seasickness.
  2. into it
    Does The Little Mermaid Pass the Black Princess Test?Determining whether Halle Bailey’s Ariel is a Black princess—or simply a princess that happens to be Black.
  3. trailer mix
    Take a Deep Breath, The Color Purple Trailer Is HereHalle Bailey can’t stop won’t stop being in movie musicals.
  4. what do you call’em? reviews!
    Is The Little Mermaid Neat?Reviews are in and Disney seems to have forgotten the importance of body language.
  5. movie review
    What Happened to the Frothy Pleasures of The Little Mermaid?Halle Bailey is a delight in the Disney live-action remake, but everything around her is mercilessly dull and misguided.
  6. coming soon
    The Little Mermaid Live-Action Is Here, Isn’t It Neat?Disney flooded its socials with a snippet of “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”
  7. beyoncé’s child
    Halle Bailey Is Taking ‘Part of Your World (Reprise)’ Up an OctaveThe titular Little Mermaid is also getting some new songs from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  8. first look
    Halle Bailey Shares First Glimpse of Live-Action Little MermaidThe remake just wrapped filming.
  9. princess
    Professional Mermaid Halle Bailey Adopted a Cat Named PoseidonNew celebrity pet dropped!
  10. extremely online
    Well, Well, Chloe Bailey Had a Grown N’ Sexy Finsta Before She Made It OfficialShe and Halle spilled the tea about her jaw-dropping new Instagram posts.
  11. casting call
    Harry Styles in Talks for The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric, Isn’t That Neat?He might kiss the girl.
  12. casting
    Your Live-Action Little Mermaid Will Be Halle BaileyLook at this news, isn’t it neat?