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  1. girls talk
    A Final Open Letter to Hannah Horvath of GirlsSome parting words for one of TV’s more polarizing characters.
  2. awkward sex scenes
    Every Girls Sex Scene, Rated by AwkwardnessRemember Hannah and Ray?
  3. vulture lists
    All of Hannah Horvath’s Love Interests on Girls, RankedFor all the talk of how sexually explicit Girls can be, Hannah certainly didn’t hook up with that many people.
  4. All the Times Girls Ends With a Shot of Hannah’s FaceMany times!
  5. The Most Painfully Self-Centered Things Hannah Horvath Has Ever Said▶️ “Am I seriously the only one who prides herself on being truly authentic?”
  6. close reads
    Why Lena Dunham Is Such a Great Actress on GirlsHannah Horvath has been a maddening, compelling, and memorable character. Lena Dunham’s unapologetic portrayal of her is a big reason why.
  7. vulture lists
    Hannah Horvath’s Highs and Lows, by the NumbersFreelance pieces Hannah has published, that we know of: 6.
  8. reality check
    Hannah on Girls Could Not Have Gotten That JobThe show has always had a fraught relationship with realism.
  9. goodbye to all that
    The ‘Goodbye to New York’ Essay Girls’ Hannah Horvath Probably WroteHannah would never resist a Joan Didion-style goodbye.
  10. backstories
    Lena Dunham Has Known Where Hannah Would End Up on Girls Since Season 2“Considering I spent the rest of my life working with Planned Parenthood, it was fun to not make it a political choice.”
  11. Girls Changed Hannah’s Look After Judd Apatow Noted She Looked ‘Too Attractive’“Her outfit is too cute, her hair and makeup looks too good. We are making an underdog here!”
  12. anxiety
    Lena Dunham Explains How Her Anxiety Is Different From Hannah’s“She has so many fewer problems than I do!”
  13. trailer mix
    Girls Season 6 Trailer: Time to Maybe, Finally Grow UpReturning February 12.
  14. close reads
    Hannah Horvath, Why Do We (Still) Hate Thee So?This has dogged Girls from the very beginning, and the drumbeats are sounding once again.
  15. Girls’ Becky Ann Baker Talks About Doing Acro Yoga With Lena Dunham“It’s a very L.A. thing.”
  16. Hannah Horvath Spends an Hour on the ‘Late Night’ Writing StaffLate Night with Seth Meyers recently hired a brand new writer named Hannah Horvath to bring in some fresh sketch ideas, but her time on the […]
  17. spoiler alert
    A Good Hint at Whom Hannah Might Date on Girls This SeasonThis may count as a spoiler.
  18. ‘SNL’ Review: Lena Dunham, Guest Stars, and Lots of ImpressionsThis time last year, Megh Wright and I compiled a list of 10 first-time SNL hosts we’d like to see someday. The list included Stephen Colbert […]
  19. back and forth
    Is Hannah Horvath TV’s Most Selfish Character?And do Dunham and her fellow Girls producers care if we hate her?
  20. party chat
    June Squibb Says Hannah’s Grandma Is Dying on Season 3 of GirlsSays June Squibb.