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Happy New Year

  1. babies
    America Ferrera Is Expecting Baby Number TwoBoth bundles of joy have been announced on New Year’s.
  2. happy new year
    Watch Madonna’s Surprise New Year’s Eve Performance at Stonewall InnMadonna rang in 2019 with a crowd sing-along.
  3. happy new year!
    Mariah Carey Is Still Feeling ‘Victimized’ by Her New Year’s Eve Performance“I didn’t obsess over the New Year’s Eve thing.”
  4. blame games
    Mariah Carey’s Rep Blames Rockin’ Eve Production for New Year’s Eve Fail“A shame that production set her up to fail.”
  5. bye 2016
    Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance Was Truly the Ending 2016 Deserved[Screaming in the whistle register.]
  6. happy new year
    CNN’s Don Lemon Got His Ear Pierced on Live TV “Don’t get blood on the jacket. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.”
  7. happy new year
    Kanye and Paul McCartney Just Saved 2015 With a New SongThe rapper dropped “Only One” last night.
  8. 80s nostalgia
    Watch the Kids Incorporated New Year’s SpecialMemories.
  9. happy new year
    Seitz: On Louie, ‘New Year’s Eve,’ and Respecting the MysteryOur TV critic has thought about this episode every day since he first watched it in September.
  10. vulture recommends
    Today on Vulture Recommends: Auld TV Shows to Get IntoFive returning shows worth taking a look at by Vulture’s Margaret Lyons.
  11. happy new year
    Update: Hollywood Puts Some Space Between Valentine, Biutiful’Blue Valentine’ and ‘Biutiful’ will no longer make you want to kill yourself on the same day.