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    The Dead Cells Toxic Sewers Level Is Hard (But It Doesn’t, Er, Stink)What makes the game’s most daunting area so difficult and how new efforts around accessibility have changed the experience.
  2. hard mode
    Finding the Fun in FailureBennett Foddy’s video games are maddening, tedious, unfair, and borderline impossible — that’s just how he wants them.
  3. hard mode
    So You Want to Beat Tears of the Kingdom in 75 Minutes …The speedrunner Gymnast86 shares the techniques and mind-set that helped him set the game’s first fastest-time record. (Now broken.) (Many times.)
  4. hard mode
    How Much Should a Video Game Tell You?In titles such as Elden Ring, Outer Wilds, and Tears of the Kingdom, a lack of information is part of the … charm?
  5. backstories
    Into the Breach’s Final Level Is Hard Without Breaking the Rules“A high level of difficulty,” explains developer Matthew Davis, “makes every decision interesting.”
  6. vulture lists
    The 100 Hardest Video-Game Levels of All TimeDizzying shooters, agonizing puzzles, and water stages (ugh) that raise the question: Continue?