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  1. jason derulo
    Jason Derulo Has Fallen Onto the Pages of His First BookPurr.
  2. book drama
    BookTok’s Busy Year: Plagiarism Scandals, Period Drama, and CoHo, Of CourseThere’s a lot of drama within this very large community, much of which has practical implications for the book world and beyond.
  3. glamorous jobs
    Passion Doesn’t Pay the BillsHarperCollins employees strike for a fair contract in an industry notorious for underpaying and overworking its staff.
  4. the devil reads deuxmoi
    DeuxMoi to Spin Celebrity Gossip Into Debut NovelANON PLS., the book.
  5. might as well
    Making a Murderer Lawyer J. Buting Writing BookIt will be published by HarperCollins next year.
  6. book sales
    Go Set a Watchman Sold 1.1 Million CopiesGo set a sales record for HarperCollins.
  7. books
    Sorry, The Winds of Winter Is Not Coming in 2015According to George R.R. Martin’s publisher.
  8. books
    What Does the Book Business Look Like on the Inside?Insanity.
  9. multitasking
    Johnny Depp Presents: BooksThrough his own HarperCollins imprint.
  10. books
    James Frey/Michael Bay Partnership Coming Ever Closer to FruitionBatten the hatches!
  11. books
    Roxana Saberi, American Journo Imprisoned in Iran, Redeeming Celeb Publishing?She spent six years studying Iran from the inside, but does she have time to write the book she needs to?
  12. bea
    Sully Aces BookExpo AppearanceWith the attention of more than 100 conventiongoers at stake, Sully’s heroic brevity at BookExpo landed listeners safely at the five o’clock cocktail hour.
  13. the end
    Sarah Palin Book Deal a Chance for Saul Bellow’s Son to ShineAdam Bellow finally has a chance to prove his genius.
  14. books
    A Big Day in Crap PublishingToday’s important author: 50 Cent.
  15. fauxbit
    Collins U.S., Relic of Book-Biz Re-Branding, Is DeadThe imprint recalled a more optimistic time in America — the year 2004.
  16. Jane Friedman Is Due an ‘In Your Face’ Right About NowHarperCollins, the publishing monster from which she was fired as CEO last June, is really bumming.
  17. the industry
    Keanu Reeves to Avenge Death of His Samurai Master, Presumably With His ActingPlus: That 9-year old who wrote the dating book finally gets a movie deal.
  18. the industry
    Disney Gives Johnny Depp Another Free Trip to the CaribbeanPlus: We hope you like vampires!
  19. news reel
    Dispatch From BEA: Ron Jeremy, Best-selling Author“‘He was this, this, this, this, a lot of dick jokes, now he’s really stiff, and best-selling author.’”
  20. the industry
    ‘Glory Days’ Has Its Glory DayPlus: John Waters calls Johnny Knoxville a ‘Fruitcake.’
  21. the take
    No Advances, No Returns: Lit Agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh Shows Great RestraintHow booksellers and agents will respond to HarperCollins’s new no-advances, no-returns imprint.
  22. the early-evening news
    Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More UnbearablePlus: Aziz Ansari!
  23. kudos
    Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Prize But Doesn’t Know It YetShoppers of London: Keep your eyes peeled!
  24. countdown
    Dave Eggers’s Next Novel Is Based on ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘?Eggers’s literary editor is bragging the novel is going to be “huge.”
  25. news reel
    So What Happens Next for James Frey?James Frey’s new film agent prepares to submit his novel.
  26. the industry
    James Frey Writing Fiction AgainPlus industry news on Ricky Gervais, Al Pacino, and John Woo.
  27. the industry
    Universal Keeps Imagine in Stable, Brian Grazer in Hair GelPlus industry news about Naomi Watts, Septimus Heap, and Aaron Sorkin.
  28. news reel
    ‘Marley & Me’ With Race Cars? ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ for Dogs? Whatever, It’s Worth $1.2 Million to HarperCollinsWe’re hearing that Garth Stein’s novel The Art of Racing in the Rain, first discussed on Mediabistro’s Galleycat, has sold at auction for $1.2 million to Laurie Chittenden at HarperCollins.
  29. ranters and ravers
    Annie Dillard Asks the Big Questions in a Small NovelA new Annie Dillard novel is a bona fide literary event. A prolific writer of essays — her meditation on nature, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, won the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction — Dillard just published her second novel, and first in over a decade, The Maytrees. A slim, poignant tale of a marriage on the rocks in Provincetown, it’s been receiving the sorts of praise normally reserved for the fiction gods.
  30. the take
    ‘Marley & Me’ Author Would Prefer You Ignore His Next Book
  31. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?
  32. news reel
    The Book Expo Top Ten: Madeleines, Buddakan, and Rosie O’Donnell
  33. the industry
    Jim Carrey, Gay and in Prison
  34. the industry
    ‘In the Heights’ Salsas Onto the Great White Way
  35. the industry
    The Addams Family Lurches to Broadway