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Harry Belafonte

  1. Odds Against Tomorrow Is a Hidden Noir Gem That Considers Anti-Black RacismThe Harry Belafonte–produced and starring film subverts and complicates what came before it.
  2. police brutality
    Watch Harry Belafonte’s Police Brutality PSAIt’s called “Against the Wall.”
  3. north carolina
    Cyndi Lauper Will Use NC Show to Protest Bill“Let’s make it a rally.”
  4. speeeech!
    Watch Harry Belafonte’s Powerful Speech on RaceFrom watching Birth of a Nation to 12 Years a Slave.
  5. party chat
    Read Belafonte’s Moving Speech on Race & Cinema“I can say, in my 87th year of life, that I am overjoyed that I should have lived long enough to see Steve McQueen step into this space.”
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    Watch Harry Belafonte Miss His InterviewIt’s nap time!