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Harry Shum Jr.

  1. abominations
    Everything Everywhere’s Breakout Character Was Made from a Real Raccoon CorpseAnd Harry Shum Jr. wore it on his head while doing hibachi.
  2. clickables
    Watch Glee’s Mike Chang in a Serious Lightsaber BattleIt’s more like a lightsaber dance.
  3. clickables
    See a Very Brief Trailer for a Short Film Starring Mike ChangDon’t blink.
  4. unforbidden dance
    Harry Shum Jr. Introduces The Legion of Extraordinary DancersAnd boy are there a lot of roundhouse leaps.
  5. glee
    Ask Glee’s Mike Chang — a.k.a. “Other Asian” — AnythingHe finally gets to speak next week!
  6. glee
    Other Asian Will Be Breaking It Down On The Glee TourWith his dance group, the LXD.