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Harsh Reality

  1. harsh reality
    Obama: This Election Is ‘Love & Hip Hop Stuff’Cardi B would like a word.
  2. harsh reality
    Obama Warns Us This Election Isn’t Reality TVTo whom shall you give your rose on November 8?
  3. harsh reality
    Fox Picks Up Social-Experiment Reality Show UtopiaLike Kid Nation, minus all the cuteness.
  4. harsh reality
    Fox Revives Worst Reality Show Concept EverA show featuring people voting on which of their co-workers to fire. 
  5. harsh reality
    VH1’s Lineup to Be Even Less Star-studdedAfter all the good years, VH1 lets Bret Michaels out to pasture.
  6. harsh reality
    Why Reality Stars Makes the Worst Reality StarsOnce the cast becomes famous, the show just doesn’t work.
  7. harsh reality
    Kate Gosselin Says No to Likability on DWTSBut she’s always been a diva, so what’s the big deal?