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  1. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Asks New York’s Highest Court to Throw Out ConvictionTalk about long shots.
  2. a long talk
    Reservation Dogs’ Gary Farmer Has Seen it All“As I look back on everything, it seems to me that having a career at all is pretty special in itself.”
  3. the law
    Julia Ormond Sues Harvey Weinstein for Sexual BatteryAs well as CAA for breach of contract and Miramax and the Walt Disney Company for negligent supervision and retention.
  4. the law
    What’s Next for Convicted Sex Criminals Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly?The two disgraced men have both been sentenced for sex crimes. Again.
  5. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 16 More Years in PrisonHe now faces 39 years in prison in Los Angeles and New York.
  6. book excerpt
    ‘It Would Have Been Like a Scene From One of My Movies.’A stranger–than–Pulp Fiction Oscars tale confirmed.
  7. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty on 3 Counts in Los Angeles Rape TrialHowever, he was found not guilty of sexual battery on one count.
  8. the law
    The Prosecution Rests in Harvey Weinstein’s L.A. Rape TrialThe trial will resume after Thanksgiving.
  9. me too
    Harvey Weinstein Accuser Ambra Gutierrez Was Ready for Her Day in Court“He lost a lot of his scary look … [he] looked like a very weak old man.”
  10. content warning
    Harvey Weinstein’s Testicles Are Being Discussed in CourtAgain …
  11. into it
    Time’s Up Began in an Oprah Speech and Wound Up in a Disreputable Heap. How?“You know how when a friend does something embarrassing, people will just not talk about that friend? Time’s Up is that friend.”
  12. me too
    3 Accusers on Harvey Weinstein’s L.A. Sexual-Assault Trial“When he looks in the mirror, does he understand what he has done?”
  13. rightful convictions
    New York State Court Will Hear Harvey Weinstein’s AppealWeinstein claimed his defense was in a “stranglehold.”
  14. trailer mix
    Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan Get Around NDAs in the She Said TrailerCast your mind back to the far-off lands of 2017 …
  15. law and order uk
    Harvey Weinstein Getting Charged With Indecent Assault in LondonStemming from an incident in August 1996.
  16. the law
    Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Claims He Was in a ‘Stranglehold’ During Trial“The jury was overwhelmed by such prejudicial, bad evidence.”
  17. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to 11 Counts of Rape and Sexual AssaultThe allegations from five women go back over ten years.
  18. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Is Finally Getting Extradited to Los AngelesThe decision came after more than a year of delays.
  19. #metoo
    Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan to Play Reporters Who Broke the Weinstein StoryShe Said is set to start production this summer.
  20. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Has Lost 4 Teeth in Prison“He is almost technically blind at this point.”
  21. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Appeals Rape and Sexual-Assault ConvictionHis lawyers say he has suffered from his “media villain” status.
  22. the law
    One Year Later, What Is Going On With Harvey Weinstein?What’s changed in the 365 days since Weinstein landed a 23-year sentence for rape.
  23. the law
    Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Settlement Approved for $17 Million by JudgeSome accusers criticize the deal.
  24. the law
    No, Harvey Weinstein Doesn’t Have COVID-19 AgainHe’s got a fever, though.
  25. the law
    Weinstein Charged With 6 New Sexual Assault Counts in Los AngelesHis extradition hearing from New York is set for December 11.
  26. movies
    Behind the Fantasy of the 1997 Movie Cop Land“It was about a world in which everyone’s so tribalized and traumatized,” says director James Mangold, “no one has the emotional space to exist.”
  27. the law
    Judge Rejects Controversial $19 Million Weinstein Accuser Settlement“What is there to make me believe that a person who just met Harvey Weinstein has the same claim as [a woman] who was raped by Harvey Weinstein?”
  28. the law
    4 More Women Are Suing Harvey Weinstein for Alleged Sexual AssaultOne of them was 17 at the time of the alleged attack.
  29. the law
    Harvey Weinstein’s Extradition to L.A. Is Delayed Because of the CoronavirusOf course.
  30. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Charged With New Sexual Assault AllegationThe alleged assault took place in L.A.
  31. role call
    Rosanna Arquette Answers Every Question We Have About Desperately Seeking SusanThe actress talks falling in love with Madonna, where that jacket is now, and what it feels like to know Harvey Weinstein is behind bars.
  32. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Is a Convicted Rapist. What’s Next?His legal woes are far from over.
  33. the law
    Of Course Harvey Weinstein Has CoronavirusHe arrived in state prison less than a week ago.
  34. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Is Now In Maximum-Security PrisonHe was sentenced to 23 years in state lockup last week.
  35. the harvey weinstein case
    Kate Beckinsale Says Harvey Weinstein Berated Her for Not Dressing Slutty“He said, ‘If I am throwing a red carpet you get in a tight dress, you shake your ass, you shake your tits.’”
  36. the weinstein trial
    23 Years Is Exactly What Harvey Weinstein DeservesThe contrast between what Weinstein was doing in 1997 and where he is now underscores how appropriate his sentence is.
  37. #metoo
    The Emotional Scene Outside the Weinstein Courthouse“This is what justice looks like.”
  38. the law
    Weinstein Claims He Was ‘Suicidal’ Following Times Report, Court Docs RevealHe also sent an email saying, “Jen Aniston should be killed.”
  39. the law
    Weinstein’s ‘Total Lack of Remorse’ Behind Prosecutors Push for Lengthy SentenceHis sentencing is on March 11.
  40. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Is Finally Going to RikersHe had been at Bellevue Hospital.
  41. the law
    Weinstein Juror Says #MeToo Had No Bearing on Their Decision“However dumb she might have been … doesn’t allow her to be assaulted.”
  42. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Trial Juror Discusses Sentencing With Gayle KingJuror No. 9 goes by “Drew.”
  43. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty on Two Counts, Including Third-Degree RapeHe was found not guilty of predatory sexual assault and first-degree rape.
  44. the law
    The 11 Craziest Moments in Harvey Weinstein’s Rape TrialFrom a Gigi Hadid appearance to the use of nude photos.
  45. weinstein trial
    Ronan Farrow, Mira Sorvino, and More React to the Weinstein Verdict“The beginning of #justice.”
  46. the law
    Weinstein Jury Asks to Hear Annabella Sciorra’s TestimonyMeanwhile, the judge referenced … Marcia Brady.
  47. the law
    Weinstein Juror Almost Kicked Off Trial for Reading My Dark VanessaThis juror is the same panelist who herself penned a novel involving “predatory older men.”
  48. the law
    Weinstein Prosecution: ‘Maybe His Kink Is the Fear in Their Eyes’The prosecution summed up its case in closing arguments today.
  49. the law
    Weinstein’s Lawyer Says Accusers Had ‘Choices’She also said prosecutors are “stripping adult women of common sense, autonomy and responsibility.”
  50. the law
    Harvey Weinstein Will Not Testify in His Rape and Sexual-Assault TrialThe defense rests.
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