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  1. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupUse your off days for some high art, why don’t ya?
  2. party chat
    Don’t Expect to See Harry Crane’s Butt on Mad MenRich Sommer isn’t into the idea.
  3. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Johnny Depp Fielded Questions From His ImpersonatorsPlus: Cameron Diaz had to keep a straight face while listening to funny fart sounds in Jimmy Fallon’s new game, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  4. stage dive
    The Stage Dive 2012 Theater PreviewTheater critic Scott Brown surveys the onstage landscape for the first half of this year.
  5. Jim Parsons in Talks for Harvey on BroadwayIn the role Jimmy Stewart made famous.
  6. harvey
    Harvey Weinstein Points Out That Blue Valentine Does Not Have a Coughed-Up Penis In It“How did ‘Piranha 3D’ get an R and ‘Blue Valentine’ gets an NC-17? It’s ridiculous — a penis got coughed up in the movie by a piranha!”
  7. harvey
    Weinstein’s Bid to Buy Miramax Now Totally DeadDisney formally terminated negotiations and may reenter talks with the Gores brothers, Tom and Alec.
  8. harvey
    Update: The Weinsteins Lose Miramax — Again! (Or Not?)Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s bid to buy back Miramax from Disney has fallen apart following weeks of back-and-forth.
  9. The Weinsteins Are Having a Tough Year, But They Still Know How to PartyEli Roth is tweezing in preparation for the big show.
  10. harvey
    Quentin Tarantino Probably Not Making Harvey Weinstein DocumentaryIt was just something Harvey said to dissuade some other guy from making a documentary about him.
  11. harvey
    Weinstein Brothers May Snatch Miramax Back From DisneyWith the help of some rich people, of course.
  12. harvey
    The Weinsteins Turn Down Knife-Wielding ManiacFox took it after the Weinsteins saw footage and concluded “it’s not very good at all.”
  13. harvey
    Harvey Works It Out“Goldman Sachs and Ambac have basically agreed to work with the Weinsteins to figure out a way to have the studio go forward in a healthy manner.”
  14. mo’nique
    Mo’Nique on Oscar Campaigning: ‘What Does It Mean Financially?’“What are you campaigning for, though?” she asks. “Let me ask y’all this, because I know y’all are gonna school me correctly: What does it mean financially?”
  15. harvey
    Harvey Weinstein’s Words of Encouragement For the Guy Who Took This Photo“If you didn’t get that shot, it’s back to f—ing 10-year-old’s birthday parties and pin the tail on the donkey for you, for f—’s sake.”
  16. the industry
    Steven Spielberg Pulls Out of HarveyPlus: Jonathan Lethem! Joey Lauren Adams! Werewolves!
  17. harvey
    Weinsteins Dump Social NetworkBad news for socially networked rich people who enjoyed the idea of potentially giving Harvey Weinstein access to their personal info.
  18. delays
    Nine Bumped to DecemberIt hits in New York and L.A. on December 18.
  19. harvey
    Harvey Weinstein Gets Tom Ford’s Movie for $2 Million and an OscarHow did Harvey win the three-studio “bidding war” for Tom Ford’s ‘A Single Man’?
  20. invisible rabbits
    Tom Hanks Says No to HarveyHe preemptively turned down the lead role because he’s already so closely identified with Jimmy Stewart, who starred in the original.
  21. the industry
    Steven Spielberg to Save Money on CGIPlus: NBC is saved!