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  1. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies on HBO and Max Right NowI, Tonya, First Reformed, Office Space, and more.
  2. abel’s angels
    What’s Going On With The Idol?Lily-Rose Depp is brainwashed in the latest trailer.
  3. freebies
    6 Mobile Plans That Can Get You a Free Streaming ServiceYou get a free Disney+! And you get a free Max! And you get a free Netflix!
  4. the present moment
    How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services As GiftsFor Father’s Day shoppers in need of options.
  5. movie review
    Sydney Sweeney Is Unreally Great in RealityThe Euphoria star plays whistleblower Reality Winner in an HBO film that turns the actual FBI interrogation transcript into a thriller.
  6. buffering
    Let’s Talk About Max’s First WeekAn emergency discussion about the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max.
  7. color teary
    Pour One Out for HBO Max’s PurpleAm I blue about Max’s new color? You should be, too.
  8. overnights
    Love & Death Series-Finale Recap: The RageLove & Death resolves predictably and discomfortingly, courtesy of Olsen and Plemons’s fascinatingly mismatched dynamic.
  9. max’s big move
    HBO Max Is Now Just Max. Here’s What You Should Know.We’ll take your questions.
  10. max viable product
    Some People Aren’t Happy With MaxUsers are reporting crashes, slowdowns, and other issues as the new app launches.
  11. maxin’ out
    So How Different Is Max From HBO Max?The new streamer has arrived with a host of tweaks to its UI.
  12. now streaming
    The 20 Best Horror Movies on MaxThe Shining, Barbarian, Insidious, and more.
  13. now streaming
    The 20 Best Action Movies on MaxThe Departed, Speed Racer, The Batman, and more.
  14. now streaming
    The 20 Best Comedies on MaxSome Like It Hot, Bottle Rocket, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and more.
  15. now streaming
    The 30 Best TV Shows on MaxEnlightened, Game of Thrones, Station Eleven, and more.
  16. now streaming
    The 20 Best Family Films on MaxSpirited Away, The LEGO Movie, Little Women, and more.
  17. trailer mix
    The Full Circle Teaser Trailer Rounds Up Zazie Beetz and Claire DanesSteven Soderbergh’s upcoming thriller about a botched kidnapping.
  18. cancel culture
    If You’re Reading This, Your Favorite Show Is CanceledAll the TV shows we’ve lost in 2023, including Ziwe, Red Table Talk, and Gossip Girl.
  19. overnights
    Love & Death Recap: Media CircusThe show’s cool detachment becomes more confusing the further we get into the trial.
  20. chat room
    Juliana Canfield’s Jess Is Not Invisible. She’s Indispensable.And Succession’s right-hand woman is feeling conflicted about her complicity in Mencken’s election.
  21. international affairs
    Conan to Be Borderless Again in Conan O’Brien Must GoThe host cosplays as a Viking, records Norwegian pop, and more in a sneak peek at his upcoming Max travel series.
  22. summer preview 2023
    11 Animated Films and Shows We Can’t Wait to See This SummerLet’s dive back into the Spider-Verse and meet a teenage kraken.
  23. the sea gives
    Avatar: The Way of Water Na’vigates to StreamingFrom Pandora to Disney+ and Max.
  24. trailer mix
    John Early Teases Not Being Himself in the Now More Than Ever TrailerThe comedian’s debut HBO special is coming soon.
  25. overnights
    The Other Two Recap: Unpleasant-villeIt seems like Cary and Brooke don’t want to work these days.
  26. overnights
    Love & Death Recap: The Most Normal Person on the PlanetCandy finally snaps. Now what?
  27. overnights
    The Other Two Season-Premiere Recap: Pit of DespairCary and Brooke have gotten everything they’ve ever wanted. Now what?
  28. overnights
    Love & Death Recap: A Husband Should Be HomeCandy adds “Cover up murder” to her already long to-do list.
  29. now streaming
    The 11 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendIncluding an axe murder and friendly amphibians.
  30. overnights
    Love & Death Series-Premiere Recap: The AffairElizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons are oddly mesmerizing as suburbanites fumbling their way through an affair.
  31. color theory
    Why Do Streaming Services Love Blue So Much?Max’s marketing chief answers that and other questions we have.
  32. to the max
    Is This (HBO) Max News Real or Did We Make It Up?Do you know enough Max news to earn a kiss from Daddy?
  33. underrated
    South Side Wasn’t Trying to Prove Its Own ImportanceAbbott Elementary writer-producer Brittani Nichols says the series spoke to her “in a way that no other television show ever has.”
  34. *sopranos theme*
    HBO Max’s The Penguin RisesHe’s dangerous, he’s terrifying, he’s an extra in Surf’s Up.
  35. hbo axe’d
    They Really Are Just Calling It MaxHBO Max is changing on May 23. Here’s what to expect.
  36. coming to a sewer near you
    No, It Isn’t Coming After the Derry GirlsHBO Max’s It prequel series Welcome to Derry has welcomed its first cast members.
  37. clone high
    Clone High Has ThawedThe clones are indeed back and in fact there are even more of them.
  38. hbo axe’d
    HBO Max’s Abandoned TV Shows Adopted by Tubi and RokuGoodbye to Max, hello to something called “WB TV Watchlist.”
  39. profile
    Ken Marino Will Do Anything for ComedyDead rats, discouragement, the shame of farting in front of his colleagues: Nothing can stop this man.
  40. coming soon
    The Other Two Season Three Premieres May FourthTo put it in words that Carey and Brooke Dubek would Google: “Funny gay show new season when watch?”
  41. tv ratings
    A Good Night for the Oscars and The Last of UsBoth programs went head to head Sunday night — and both networks had reason to be happy about their ratings performances.
  42. infected
    Here’s Everything We Can Tell You About The Last of Us Season TwoYou have so many questions and we have a few of the answers.
  43. sxsw 2023
    The Last of Us Star Gabriel Luna on the Miller Family’s Bonding“I know I’m the Ghost Rider and he’s the Mandalorian, but we could’ve used a little help…”
  44. a new home
    Amazon Takes Batman: Caped Crusader Under Its WingThe animated show received a two-season order after previously being scrapped at HBO Max.
  45. streamliner investigates
    Will Your Favorite Streaming Service Crack Down on Password Sharing?Netflix did it first. We asked others if they’d follow suit.
  46. trailer mix
    ‘We’re Pirates!’Succession’s season four battle begins on March 26.
  47. explaner
    Everything You Never Thought to Ask About In-flight EntertainmentWarner Bros. Discovery’s licensing chief on how movies and TV get on planes, editing decisions, and the curious case of Gordita Chronicles.
  48. the streaming wars
    Warner Bros. Discovery Sues Paramount Over South Park Licensing DealLooks like HBO Max and Paramount+ are fighting.
  49. doing something unholy
    And Just Like That … to Re-Reunite Carrie and AidanAnd it looks like Sam Smith will also make an appearance.
  50. boo!
    HBO Max Serves South Side a Frosting-less CakeThe comedy series ends after three seasons.
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