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Heather Gay

  1. coming soon
    Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip 3 Has Larceny, Porsha, and OrgasmsFood orgasms, that is, in the trailer for their Thailand getaway.
  2. bad mormon
    The Mormon Church Won’t Let Heather Gay Make MerchThe Bad Mormon author and reality TV star says her latest drama with the church is “all about the merch.”
  3. ow
    Bravo Also Investigated Heather Gay’s Black Eye“I don’t know what happened,” Gay said at the reunion.
  4. meredith might know something
    Love You, Baby, Hi! The RHOSLC Season 3 Trailer Is Here.“I am innocent!”
  5. below deck: salt lake city
    Does Lisa Barlow Even Own a Yacht?“Do you want my K-1’s?”
  6. bad beauty lab friend
    John Mayer Thinks He’s a Better Friend Than Lisa BarlowLisa Barlow would like her mic back now.
  7. vulture festival 2020
    Two Real Housewives Have One Thing in Common: James the ProducerGizelle Bryant and Heather Gay came ready to talk about the behind-the-scenes reality of Housewives and address that step-grandpa thing.