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  1. swaps
    Lena Hall Will Play Hedwig and Yitzak on TourOnce a week in San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  2. party chats
    Darren Criss Might Kiss You During Hedwig If You’re Not Paying Attention“I’m possessed by the Hedwig demon.”
  3. Glee’s Darren Criss Is the New Hedwig!“I am the new Berlin Wall, baby.”
  4. returning favorites
    John Cameron Mitchell Returning to HedwigSugar Daddy, bring it home.
  5. casting couch
    Michael C. Hall Is Your Next HedwigBring it, Dexter.
  6. the origin of love
    Andrew Rannells Is Your New HedwigHe’ll take over for NPH at the end of August.
  7. how dey do dat?
    Hedwig Creators Break Down How They Changed the Script for BroadwayJohn Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Trask, and Michael Mayer discuss how the cultish musical evolved into a Broadway darling.
  8. franchises
    John Cameron Mitchell Working on Hedwig Sequel!!!
  9. hedwig
    Harry Potter: Bad for OwlsIndia’s environmental minister blames a spate of wild-owl disappearances on ‘Harry’ fans.