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  1. books
    The Feminist Horror Author You Need to Read ImmediatelyThe best horror writer of the 20th century was a British woman you’ve probably never heard of.
  2. slightly less sexy than twilight
    How Gross Is Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Change?These eye-popping, back-splitting GIFs make a case for MVP status.
  3. streaming meemies
    Netflix Would Like Password-Sharers to Try a Family PlanAlso, Eli Roth’s original series Hemlock Grove had a great debut weekend.
  4. trailer mix
    Hemlock Grove Trailer: Hope You Like True BloodCome for the supernatural murders, stay for the erotica!
  5. trailers
    Watch a New Trailer for Eli Roth’s Netflix Series Hemlock Grove“It’s enough to give one the shivers.”
  6. trailer mix
    Hemlock Grove Trailer: American Netflix StoryEli Roth’s new show stars Famke Janssen.
  7. werewolf bar mitzvah
    Famke Jannsen Will Star in Eli Roth’s Netflix ShowWerewolves, monsters, Pennsylvania.