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  1. we kid you not
    The Kid Laroi Sings Up a Storm in ‘Still Chose You’ Music VideoHe’ll now take a hiatus to focus on creating his debut album.
  2. controversy
    The Talk Goes on Hiatus While CBS Probes Sharon Osbourne–Piers Morgan DebacleThe network is conducting an internal review of last week’s heated argument.
  3. ‘Hiatus’: A Facebook Show That Deserves More Likes I don’t like profiling videos or series rooted in “Hollywood” culture if I can help it. Sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes the work is […]
  4. hbo
    HBO’s Westworld Hiatus Won’t Affect Tax CreditsWestworld won the Powerball!
  5. it’s complicated
    One Direction Going on Break: Report [Updated]Everything SUCKS.
  6. Louis C.K. Is Taking a Break from ‘Louie’ to Work on Other ProjectsThe fifth season of Louie wrapped up back in May, and while FX hasn’t officially renewed it yet, Louis C.K. has decided to put the show on an […]
  7. hiatus
    Celine Dion Puts Career on Indefinite HiatusTo focus on family and health issues.
  8. Fox Is Taking ‘Dads’ Off the Schedule and Putting ‘Mindy Project’ on a […]Fox announced its midseason schedule yesterday, and Glee will soon be moving to Tuesdays at 8pm, the slot currently occupied by  freshman […]
  9. NBC Puts ‘Parks and Rec’ on Hiatus for Most of the Rest of 2013After deciding last week that Community will return for its new season on January 2nd and that new comedy Welcome to the Family is canceled, […]
  10. Watch John Oliver Take Over for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’ Last night was Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show for three months, while he takes his first-ever hiatus from the fake news program […]
  11. ‘Community’ Is Finally Coming Back February 7thCommunity cast member Yvette Nicole Brown announced on Twitter today that the show officially has a return date: February 7th, and even better, […]
  12. Joel McHale Says ‘Community’s Halloween Episode Will Be Awesome in February Joel McHale was on Jimmy Kimmel last night in an appearance that he booked before Community’s sudden hiatus was announced, but he showed up […]
  13. hiatus
    The Foo Fighters Are Just on HiatusNever let go, Dave.
  14. hiatus
    The Foo Fighters Are on a Break (or Possibly Finished)“We don’t have any shows after this,” Dave Grohl said. “This is it, man.”
  15. vacations
    Oasis Is Definitely Maybe Going on HiatusExpect a Noel solo record to follow.