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  1. Preacher’s Noah Taylor Doesn’t Want Anybody Rooting for Hitler“That’s the thing fascists really hate the most — being made fun of.”
  2. bad quotes
    Oy Vey! Drake Accidentally Compared Himself to Hitler on New Song“Violatin’ the Treaty of Versailles.”
  3. Sarah Silverman Makes the Perfect Trump-Hating Hitler on ‘Conan’A lot of people have been comparing presidential candidate Donald Trump to Hitler these days (including Louis C.K.), so during last night’s […]
  4. the industry
    Netflix Picks Up Hitler Comedy Look Who’s BackNot to be confused with Look Who’s Talking.
  5. box office
    Hitler Comedy Takes No. 1 at German Box OfficeLook Who’s Back beat Inside Out at the German box office.
  6. haters
    Kurt Cobain Dressed Up As Hitler in a DressSurprisingly, for a good reason.
  7. Fighting - or at Least Responding to - War and Terrorism with ComedyWelcome to the latest installment of Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally […]
  8. the industry
    Roger Avary’s Making a Castle Wolfenstein MovieThe computer game. Remember? With the Nazis?
  9. clickables
    Watch Hitler Mourn the Loss of His Buddy Osama bin LadenThings hadn’t really been the same since he got his new iPhone.
  10. movies
    Hitler Reacts to the VuvuzelaHitler, like many others, is no great fan of the endlessly droning South African trumpet.
  11. jury’s out
    Hitler Gets a Bollywood BiopicAnd it’s hard to tell if it will be any good.
  12. last night on late night
    Late Night: Jay-Z Gets Frisky With Betty WhitePlus, everybody hates Glenn Beck on our regular late night round-up.
  13. Hitler Mad About Hitler Being Yanked Off YouTubeA production company tries to make Hitler angry.
  14. news reel
    The Director of Downfall Speaks Out on All Those Angry YouTube HitlersSurprise: He loves them!
  15. late shifting
    Jay Leno Show Was Basically a Less Successful Springtime for HitlerSays the ‘Observer.’ Also, Hitler himself is predictably mad about Jay’s return to late night.
  16. avatar
    Hitler Predictably Unhappy About Avatar Trailer“Who the hell wants ‘The Clone Wars: Thundercats’?”