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    Brian Cox Has a ‘Lot of Respect for’ Succession’s Logan RoyAnd thinks he’s a very misunderstood man.
  2. hmm…
    Madonna Is Apparently Collaborating With Diablo Cody on a ScreenplaySure, why not?
  3. hmm…
    Kanye West Tweeted Then Deleted a New Album AnnouncementThen he tweeted it again, with a revised track list.
  4. hmm…
    Ariana Grande Threw Herself a Midsommar-Themed Birthday PartyFlower crowns abound.
  5. hmm…
    Russell Simmons Accusers Say Time’s Up Distanced Itself From DocumentaryA THR investigation details internal skepticism around the documentary.
  6. hmm
    Journalist Behind Bizarro Drew Barrymore Interview Promises It Wasn’t Faked*Eyes emoji*
  7. hmm
    Jesse Williams Is Very, Very Sorry for Promoting His Movie With Emmett Till MemeOof…
  8. hmm
    Lisa Bloom: Harvey Weinstein Is Actually Kind of a Hero, If You Think About It“This is a guy who has thrown away the old playbook of let’s attack the women, let’s dig up dirt on their past, let’s humiliate them, let’s fight.”
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    Sharon Stone Recorded a Spoken-Word Poem for Maxine WatersSharon Stone went for it.
  10. goodies
    What Exactly Is Going On in This Photo of Ciara, Russell Wilson and Baby Future?Which limbs belong to whom?
  11. hmm
    How Old Is Everyone Supposed to Be in X-Men: Apocalypse?Somehow, Jennifer Lawrence has been tricked into playing another character in her 40s.
  12. hmm
    Watch Broad City’s Ilana Glazer’s Super-Weird Short About Love and SexAnd at times super naked.
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    D’Arcy From Smashing Pumpkins Got Arrested Because Her Horses EscapedMan, even Billy Corgan thinks that’s crazy.