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  1. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: ‘Hoarders’ Cleaner Matt PaxtonThis week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin show, Jeff talks to Extreme Cleaner Matt Paxton from the show Hoarders. They talk about how he got into […]
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    Aw, Man, Hoarders Got CanceledFirst Intervention, now this?
  3. Hoarders Uses Kathy Griffin Bit In Emmy CampaignIn a move so clever she’ll wish she thought of it first, Hoarders’ Emmy campaign for Outstanding Reality Program offers quotes from Kathy […]
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    Watch the (Fake But Funny) Tori Spelling Episode of HoardersNext on Sally’s list: Ina Garten.
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    Extreme Couponing: Showcase for Frugal Geniuses or Crazed Hoarders?“To be a reputable couponer you need one storage freezer in your basement. Usually these people will have two or three.”
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    See a Preview for the Grossest Hoarders in A&E HistoryEw, sorry.
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    See a Very Effective Fake Poster for HoardersIt’ll make your heart hurt.
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    Lindsay Lohan, Celebrity Hoarder?She has too many shoes, and they are ruining her life.