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  1. hippocrates don’t lie
    Shakira Studies Philosophy in Quarantine As You Feebly Feed Sourdough StarterThat’s one “hobby.”
  2. tobey’s game
    Tobey Maguire Is Really Into Competitive Puzzling These DaysGame night!
  3. Bill Burr, Renaissance ManWhen historians discovered Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks, they found plans for a flying machine very similar to modern helicopters. We all know […]
  4. hobbies
    Starz Orders Series From Lebron JamesSurvivor’s Remorse is a comedy. A basketball comedy!
  5. hobbies
    LeBron James Is Producing a SitcomWhy not?
  6. hobbies
    Man Put Penis in Fan at Chad Kroeger’s BehestNickelback!
  7. hobbies
    The Fifty Shades of Grey Fad Is Pretty Surprising to E.L. James, Too“It was just a hobby.”
  8. hobbies
    James Cameron Still Really Into Titanic StuffReally, really into it.
  9. hobbies
    Alexander Skarsgård Loves Whale WatchingIt can’t be all vampires and Swedish stuff.
  10. clickables
    See Some Romance Novel Covers Brought to Life in Loving DetailThis is a great hobby.
  11. hobbies
    James Franco Isn’t Too Busy Studying to Watch DVDsAt least they’re Criterions and not porn!