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Holiday Episodes

  1. vulture lists
    11 Great St. Patrick’s Day TV Episodes to StreamFeaturing (surprise!) multiple shows set at bars.
  2. holiday episodes
    Cassian Andor Will Be Home for Thanksgiving This Year“Home” being Disney-owned channels not named Disney+.
  3. the discourse
    Why a Christmas Episode Supercharged the Ted Lasso DebateThat’s serial storytelling for you!
  4. encores
    Fox to Re-Air First-Ever Full-Length Episode of The Simpsons for ChristmasTitled “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.”
  5. vulture festival la
    Why Schitt’s Creek Decided to Film a Holiday EpisodeThe cast explains the wintry episode at Vulture Festival L.A.
  6. A Definitive Ranking of Bob’s Burgers Holiday EpisodesNo show currently on TV understands the wonder and anxiety that comes with the holidays like Bob’s Burgers.