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  1. trailer mix
    Mindhunter Season Two Trailer: Catch Him If You CanMore inkblots, but even more murders.
  2. emmy insider
    The Mindhunter Cast Knows How to Spot a SociopathA discussion with Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, and Cameron Britton from this year’s Vulture Festival.
  3. vulture festival 2018
    Cameron Britton Thought About Killing His Mom While Filming MindhunterTalk about getting into character.
  4. close reads
    Why Mindhunter’s Bill Tench Is So LovableBill’s our humanity barometer.
  5. chat room
    Mindhunter’s Holt McCallany on Why There Are Fewer Serial Killers Today“Is there a relationship [between] a post-feminist America and the lack of sexually motivated homicides?”
  6. chat room
    Holt McCallany Calls Pilot Season ‘Ridiculous’“If you ask me to do [a show] immediately with no time to prepare, I know you have contempt for actors. Why not just tell me that you hate me?”
  7. tv
    Watch a Teaser for FX’s New Aging-Boxer Drama, Lights OutA former fighter with pugilistic dementia attempts a comeback to support his family.
  8. the industry
    Luke Wilson to Play Messy Slob on TVPlus: Stacy Keach! Casey Wilson! Jessica Walter!
  9. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler