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Holy Fvck

  1. final tour?
    Demi Lovato Might Be on Their Last Tour“I can’t do this anymore.”
  2. the inside track
    Demi Lovato’s Rock Side Has Always Been There“Come Together,” off Lovato’s new album, Holy Fvck, is a map to the singer’s past, present, and future.
  3. camp rock and roll
    Demi Lovato Rocks Hard and Sins Harder on New Album Holy FvckTherapy isn’t enough; we need to scream-belt “29.”
  4. sonny with a jam
    Demi Lovato Searches for ‘Substance’ and Finds Paris HiltonIn their latest music video from upcoming album holy fvck.
  5. camp rock
    Demi Rockvato Retvrns With ‘Skin of My Teeth’Alerting emo Lovatics!