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Holy Rollers

  1. holy rollers
    Hollywood’s Typecasting Is Getting Out of Control With Frances McDormand As GodGood God, Good Omens.
  2. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on What People Do After They Write Mean Things About You Online“Like, people write mean things about you online — then they masturbate.”
  3. comebacks
    Comeback Alert: Hallie ‘Pepsi Girl’ EisenbergThe Pepsi-commercial girl is back.
  4. party lines
    Ari Graynor at the Holly Rollers PremierePlus: Justin Bartha, Mary-Kate Olsen, Q-Tip …
  5. trailer mix
    Holy Rollers Trailer: Oh Hello, Hasidic Jesse EisenbergAlso, drug smuggling.
  6. the industry
    John C. Reilly Gets His ‘Freak’ OnPlus: What’s Jeff Goldblum up to?