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  1. ziwe
    Watch Ziwe’s Cool Animated Theme Song Before the Series PremierePart Daria, part The Nanny, all Ziwe.
  2. homage
    Watch Beyoncé’s Stevie Wonder Tribute Medley With Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr.Including “Fingertips,” “Jammin,’” and “Higher Ground.”
  3. homage
    The Eighties Meet Rebecca Black in the Video for Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’Also featuring Kenny G, Debbie Gibson, and Darren Criss.
  4. homage
    What The Hangover Part II Owes to The GodfatherLet director Todd Phillips tell you.
  5. clickables
    Watch Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell’s Musical Ode to SullyAs part of the ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ benefit, the ‘Daily Show’ vets performed a ripped-from-the-headlines homage to the Hudson pilot.
  6. super 8
    Super 8: Ode to Spielberg’s Love of TrainsFrom ‘Duel’ to ‘Close Encounters’ to ‘E.T.,’ we take you through the references.
  7. homage
    Who Is Owl City’s Adam Young Inspired by Now?It’s still Postal Service, basically.
  8. homages
    Vince Vaughn does Aykroyd in New “We Are the World”Kudos are due to the always charismatic Vaughn.
  9. homages
    NYU Student’s Film Swaps Woody Allen’s Manhattan for Brooklyn“I could go to bed with the entire staff of ‘N+1’ if I wanted to!”