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  1. memes
    The Full-Circle Journey of ‘Homer Simpson Backs Into the Bushes’The story behind The Simpsons meme that got so popular it was used by Homer himself.
  2. magic
    Remember That Time When The Simpsons Predicted USA’s Olympic Gold This Year?There’s always an episode.
  3. couch gag
    The Simpsons Has Words for South Park in New Couch GagCourtesy of Robot Chicken and sarcasm.
  4. roll clip!
    Watch the Simpsons Decide They’re Voting for Hillary ClintonAlso Donald Trump’s beauty regimen is revealed.
  5. Homer Simpson Will Offer ‘Live’ ‘Simpsons’ Commentary in MayFox has a strange Simpsons publicity stunt planned for May that they announced today – during the Simpsons episode that airs on Sunday, May […]
  6. the simpsons live
    Homer Simpson Will Appear Live on The SimpsonsReal live “D’oh!”
  7. roll clip!
    Homer and Marge Simpson Finally Addressed Those Divorce Rumors“Then the real news started reporting it all over the world.”
  8. Someone Made a Replica of the Car Homer Simpson Designed Here’s footage of a working replica of “The Homer,” the car Homer Simpson designed in the season two Simpsons episode, “Oh Brother, Where Art […]
  9. we get letters
    Homer Simpson Sent Vulture an E-mail About Our Sitcom SmackdownHe’s got his eyes on The Wire.
  10. the simpsons
    So Does That Tree Look Exactly Like Homer Simpson?Homer, is that you?
  11. American Comedy 104: Comparative History Through the Lens of the ‘Doh’Now, as never before, you can listen to Homer Simpson’s “doh” side-by-side with the “doh” of Laurel & Hardy’s Jimmy Finlayson. May “doh”s ring […]
  12. Well, You Could Always Buy Some Glue That Looks Like Homer Simpson You can buy this Homer Simpson-shaped piece of glue for just £151,100.00 if you act now! Because that is what the value bestowed upon it by […]
  13. Watch Homer Simpson Say D’oh So, So Many TimesD’oh x 1,000.
  14. royals in america
    Kate and Will Declined Invite to Meet Homer Simpson and FamilyOverbooked with royal duties.
  15. The Vatican: Homer Simpsons Is ‘a True Catholic’According to the official Vatican newspaper, Homer Simpson is “a true Catholic.” If the closest thing you can find to a true Catholic on TV is […]
  16. quote machine
    Paul McCartney’s Modesty Continues to Astonish