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  1. honesty
    Candy Crush’s ‘Games Guru’ Is Only on Level 98“I’m struggling with that level immensely.”
  2. honesty
    Will Smith Turned Down Django for a Very Will Smith Reason“Django wasn’t the lead.”
  3. honesty
    Gotye Is a Little Tired of His Song Now“There’s only so many times you can listen to the one song.”
  4. honesty
    Scissor Sisters Fall on Hard Financial Times“Due to funding issues, it has become impossible to make the tour work financially.”
  5. honesty
    On Second Thought, Sigur Rós Front Man Jónsi Would Really Rather Not Get Up Close and Personal With His Fans“Arguably it was the most uncomfortable experience of his ten years in the public eye.”
  6. honesty
    Nicole Kidman on Australia: ‘I Can’t Look at This Movie and Be Proud’At least she’s being honest!