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Honorary Degrees

  1. swiftology studies 101
    Dr. Taylor Swift Diagnoses NYU Grads As Cringe“No matter how hard you try to avoid being cringe, you will look back on your life and cringe.”
  2. bill cosby
    42 Universities on the Status of Bill Cosby’s Honorary DegreesIncluding Yale, Carnegie Mellon, UConn, UPenn, Temple, and Notre Dame.
  3. bill cosby
    Northwestern University Rescinds Bill Cosby’s Honorary DegreeIt is the first honorary degree the school has revoked since its founding.
  4. Prince Receives Doctorate From U of Minnesota He did teach us all to listen to our bodies tonight.
  5. Amherst College Rescinds Bill Cosby’s Honorary Degree“The Board believes the violation of the values for which it was awarded is clear and exceptional.”
  6. bill cosby
    Marquette, Fordham Strip Cosby of His Honorary DegreesTook a while, but they did it.