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    How Do You Make a Scary-Movie Doll?We asked the maker of Annabelle.
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    Tricks and Treats: Read All of Vulture’s Horror Week StoriesEvil clowns, zombies and Ebola, Elm Street, and more.
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    World Clown Association President Speaks Out Against Scary Clowns“These horror clowns creep me out — and I’m a clown.”
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    Why David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive Is a Great Horror FilmDisagree all you want, but it’s deeply scary and disturbing.
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    Here’s How You Sell a Haunted HouseA realtor who specializes in properties with “stigmatized pasts” explains. 
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    4 Saw Actors Remember Their Gross Movie DeathsTurns out being murdered by Jigsaw is surprisingly enjoyable. 
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    AHS: Freak Show’s Sarah Paulson Faces Her FearsHer role playing conjoined twins is a disorienting feat of mind-body multitasking.
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    30 Things You Didn’t Know About the 5 Exorcist MoviesYes, there were five of them.
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    9 Actors on Their Famous Horror-Movie DeathsRose McGowan, Ray Liotta, and the Final Destination tanning-bed girls.
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    Zombies in the Time of Ebola: Why We Need Horror Movies Now More Than EverThey offer sharper, more acute versions of our worst-case scenarios, brilliant metaphors for what haunts us.
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    Behind-the-Scenes Photos of A Nightmare on Elm StreetFreddy at rest and at play. 
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    Freddy Lives: An Oral History of A Nightmare on Elm StreetDon’t sleep on this.